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History & Folklore of Wishing Stones

Also known as Hag /Faerie / Witch / Odin / Charm/ Holey Stones

Whichever name you would like to call these magical little or big stones, they are all used for the same purpose.
The stones have been used an aid for the user to (see) the otherworlds around them.
One of the stories of how Hagstones got  their name is due to the various sicknesses which were all cured with the Hagstones.
We personally use a few different items that have holes in, from objects such as an unusual shell to a piece of a tree where a branch was attached that has a perfect hole.

 Where Are They Found?
Places where they are found is usually at the beach, in rock pools, in a stream or river, or simply where you are walking on the sand. Other places people have found them is where the ocean once was 1000's of years ago.
They are formed by water & other elements by the driving force of the water & gravel etc. until eventually a hole is made through the stone.
We have our own  special incantation to locate the stones, they seem to show themselves to us. We have amazingly found approximately over one hundred of these magical pieces. We have read accounts that some people have never in their lifetime found any, thus being due to lack of need for them & are most likely need to locate another tool for their personal use.

Why Are They So Special? How To Use The Stones
In old traditional /folkloric ways the methods, they have practised is to close one eye & (peer)  through the hole with their other eye.Thus they could (see) Faeries, Elementals, Sea Spirits, Mermaids.
Hung on the head end of the bed(away from where it could fall on you) it could regenerate your energy, body, mind & soul.
Tie them to anything you may like to be protected, it could be one stone or a few together.
Used for fertility spells, to make your wishes fertile. The stone with the hole can represent the goddess, the male god could be represented by a stick like stone or a stick that fits perfectly in the stone's hole.  making a wish or similar throw the joined pair into the sea.
In the United Kingdom, holey stones were hung outside the door of cottages, or when a stone was found, they would spit through the hole before throwing it over their left shoulder to bring good luck. Another example is that of a holey stone hung on the staircase to prevent any accidents.
Amulet or Talisman Uses :-
To ward off spirits of the dead
To protect people, property or livestock even
To protect sailors & their ships
Healing spells & banish illness
Preventing nightmares

Care Of Your Stone
Folklore states that these objects were treated as sacred.
It has been said that to fine tune your Faerie stone or attraction ability, is to gather some morning dew in a glass vial or miniature  bottle. Then pour the dew through the hole of the stone & dab some on ones self, perhaps on the third eye area.

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