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Price: $65.00 4 card reading.

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Our Ancestors, The Old Norse believed in Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and Trolls, Nature Beings. We continue this belief today.

For this reading, we use the Wildwood Tarot cards, not available in Australia, we may use our crystal ball, candles, incense and more items to tune into you, if needed.
Please Note- In person Option Not available until further notice due to social distancing.

This reading is for a 30 minute reading in our enchanted Gypsy Wagon, using one card for the Heart Question & for the main reading, using three Wildwood Tarot cards.

Your cards will be read with respect for you and in private.
All of our card readings are done intuitively and are unique to each individuals needs.

We may use our crystal ball, candles, incense and more items to tune into you, if needed.

What we need for your reading:- 
By Email OR Phone Text:-

Please send by text to us on our mobile phone number 0488 686 140 OR by email to janis@asgardiansky.com.au

Please include your full name, a photo of you along with a clear question for your reading.
The other information that we need, during your reading is your concentration, this will be your energy to connect with you through distance reading.
You will receive your outcome within 24 hours of payment.

Your Reading
Your Heart of the question card & Past, Present & Future cards will be interpreted with photos of the card layouts, during your reading.
Your reading outcome will be sent to by text to your phone or to your  given email address.

Can be made upon checkout through Paypal or via Commonwealth Bank of Australia by Direct Bank Deposit .

We are a registered Australian business, - 'Asgardian Sky',. We are travellers & live in our Gypsy Wagon, living a magical lifestyle as our ancestors did.

Magic, including Witchcraft, Clairvoyance, Medium & Tarot reading has been running in our family for many generations.

We are the founders of Bundaberg's School of Magic teachers, as seen on ABC news.


By engaging in reading or lesson with Janis & Sam of 'Asgardian Sky', Clairvoyant/Tarot readings and consultations are intended to offer you the client an insight into your personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, medical advice, financial, or professional advice.

While we have to state that our readings are for entertainment purpose only, we do believe in what we do, however the client is responsible for their own choices.

You will be guided, the energy will be yours, as is the outcome of any divination whether a lesson or a reading, we are here to help you interpret the cards or any other tools that are used wether in person or in any distance readings or guidance.

Mobile phone number 0488 686 140
Email to janis@asgardiansky.com.au

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