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The Magical Use of Plants 3

Janis & Sam, May 26th 2020

The Magical Use of Plants 1

Janis & Sam, May 26th 2020
Updated May 26th 2020

Some of our favourite music

Janis & Sam, May 26th 2020
Updated July 5th 2020

Fractured Tales- Sea Witches Tossed Shells

Norse Seeress Divination Tool
Janis & Sam, February 12th 2020
Updated February 12th 2020

Just A Little Magic

Jänis & Sampe Allen, June 12th 2017

Tarot Card Readers 1700's

Janis & Sampe Allen, April 4th 2017

Our Handmade Mystic Display 1999

Janis & Sampe Allen, January 16th 2017

Full Moon Dance

Janis & Sampe Allen, December 16th 2016

Woodford Camping Grounds

Janis & Sampe Allen, May 1st 2016
Updated May 1st 2016

Archives From The school Of Mystic Arts

Janis & Sampe Allen, April 29th 2016
Updated October 17th 2017

Places We Visit Torbanlea

Janis & Sampe Allen, April 4th 2016
Updated October 4th 2019

Links To Viking Magic

Janis & Sampe Allen, March 23rd 2016
Updated March 23rd 2016

Links To Our Viking Ancestry

Janis & Sampe Allen, March 21st 2016
Updated September 29th 2017

Viking History The Latest News

Janis & Sampe Allen, March 18th 2016
Updated April 24th 2016

Treasures In Our Vardo

Janis & Sampe Allen, August 8th 2015

One Tree Hill New Zealand

This article will be updated as new information is collected.
Janis & Sampe Allen, July 29th 2015
Updated July 29th 2015

Cold Change In Hervey Bay, Queensland

Janis & Sampe Allen, July 3rd 2015

Motivational Posters

Janis & Sampe Allen, June 29th 2015
Updated November 30th 2017