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Divination By Pendulum

Janis, May 6th 2021

Winter Wolf Head

Janis, November 30th 2020

Odin Wishing Stones Sea Witchery

Hand Picked Amulets & Talismans Coming Soon
Janis & Sam, November 13th 2019
Updated January 28th 2020

The Witches Guide To Divination

Information we are revising from old books back in the mid 1800's
Janis & Sam Allen, August 27th 2017
Updated August 29th 2017

Free Norse Rune Reading Online

Janis & Sam Allen, August 20th 2017
Updated January 28th 2020

Our Collection Of Victorian Days

Janis & Sampe Allen, May 2nd 2017

Tarot Card Readers 1700's

Janis & Sampe Allen, April 4th 2017

Our Family History in Whitford NZ

Janis & Sampe Allen, January 24th 2017
Updated April 18th 2017

Vikings in Australia 11th Century Settlement Found

Janis & Sampe Allen, January 24th 2017

Our Handmade Mystic Display 1999

Janis & Sampe Allen, January 16th 2017

Full Moon Dance

Janis & Sampe Allen, December 16th 2016

Eumundi Market Camping

Janis & Sampe Allen, July 6th 2016
Updated August 12th 2016

Giants In Australia

Janis & Sampe Allen, May 5th 2016

Our Family History

Janis & Sampe Allen, April 5th 2016
Updated May 1st 2017

Abbey Medievil Festival

Janis & Sampe Allen, June 14th 2014
Updated June 18th 2020

Ancient Herbal Book 1669

Albertus Magnus de Secretis
Janis & Sampe Allen, May 24th 2014
Updated August 29th 2017