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One Of Our Magical Places

Near Fraser Island Queensland Energy Zones

Ghost Band

Another Favourite

Be Calm Amongst The Storm

A New Favourite song

Banshee Purpose

Irish Folklore

Certificate University of Iceland

Vikings Medieval Icelandic Sagas

The Magical Use of Plants 8

Appples Norse Goddess Iðunn

Fairy Inkcaps

Amazingly Wondrous

Gypsy Wagon Art Tapestry Bags

Treasure hunted tapestries

Memorial Art Dolls

Handcrafted in our Gypsy Wagon Studio

The Devil's Dictionary


Fractured Tales- Sea Witches Tossed Shells

Norse Seeress Divination Tool

Odin Wishing Stones Sea Witchery

Hand Picked Amulets & Talismans Coming Soon

Old Norse - Among Pixies and Trolls

A Collection Of Pixies, Trolls, Elves & More.

The Witches Guide To Divination

Information we are revising from old books back in the mid 1800's

One Tree Hill New Zealand

This article will be updated as new information is collected.

Bundaberg's school of magic

Hogwart's in Bundaberg! Our store from over 11 years ago... 'The Olde Mystic Shoppe'

Ancient Herbal Book 1669

Albertus Magnus de Secretis