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Janis & Sampe Allen
July 25th 2015, 11:42pm
Updated August 7th 2015, 11:17pm

Sewing without power

Well it is nearly time for us to leave Hervey Bay after  throwing behind us most of  of our worldly possessions & be off on our adventure.  Living in a real tiny house on wheels!
We have de-cluttered & got rid of anything that is of no use to us or that takes up valuable space in our travelling home. our Vardo!

One very valuable piece that we can not part with s our Wertheim crank handle hand operated sewing machine from circa 1890's. We were given this lovely machine by a lady in Bundaberg.
Because we will not have mains power, we will be using our old favourite, which is alot nicer looking now with alot of TLC.
Soon to be creating some more stunning creations on this machine on our travels! Fit for Vintage Victorian, Witch, Pagan or Gypsy!
This image is when we first received the machine.

This image is a close-up of the Mother of pearl inlay in which we tried to save by covering the shell with clear nail lacquer until we can restore the machine properly.

Below are old adverts of the lovely old Wertheim sewing machines.