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Janis & Sampe Allen
May 23rd 2014, 12:19am
Updated August 7th 2015, 11:21pm

 This was the start of our journey after designing & making our very own Vardo. To live in a real tiny house on wheels!

Our Vardo - Gypsy Wagon shown with the roof wound down.

Oops we cut the roof off in this photo!
Well here you go everyone who has been waiting for a sneak preview of the Vardo / Gypsy Wagon before it is finished, it needs lots of art work & the porch brackets for the verandah etc but next time you will see the inside. We have made the Vardo from a trailer base & is completely wooden inside & outside, not to mention that it has a lift system which we designed also which is made with a lot of pulleys :) to collapse for economical travelling. We have a large curved set of steps also made of wood that sit at the front of the verandah.
Taken at night at Hervey Bay beach front  22 May 2014 Our first market in May  2014 at Nikenbah Hervey Bay  

Taken at night at the Hervey Bay beach front 22 April 2014            

Our first market in April 2014 next photo Sampe & Aladdin will be in it!

Tuesday 1st July 2014
An update on our Vardo's progress, we added the porch brackets yesterday! These took awhile to make as they were carved on both inside & outside walls. Now to smooth the edges down & paint with violet, white & gold will be wonderful.

This Vardo /Gypsy Wagon is the style that we are fashioned ours on & are continually working towards our goal!

Wednesday 27th August 2014
Well our Vardo - Gypsy Wagon went through it's first  hail storm today, thank fully it was only small hail stones.

November 23rd 2014
An afternoon by the beach after a hot day at the Koala Markets in Hervey Bay. Here's a few pictures of our artwork so far!


Friday March 20 2015
We finally managed to have the time to make our Vardo seat & make the covers, we chose a rich tapestry, which actually has castles on it & pleated the fabric adding the touch  of golden  braid & soft thick pastel green tassels.

Still more to do :) more artwork & we have dismantled our 100 year old Singer treadle sewing machine to give a new use for it, the drawers are sitting together with an even older old Silky Oak mirror behind them, now to put screws in it all ready to go out to the next market!!

Thank you for visiting us & please come back soon for more updates on the making of our Vardo! now off to create some more artwork & we have plenty of that to do to cover the entire Vardo wall panels top & bottom with full length scrolling art.  Check back soon for the new photos for you all!