Fire Watching On Undersea Volcano

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December 6th 2020, 11:50pm

Fire Watching On Undersea Volcano
Tonight was a long round trip back home via the' Hummock' in Bundaberg, of which we live down below it. 
There has been so many fires lately with Fraser Island burning for 6 weeks or so now.
Now to add to the poor animals terror & the ancient forests more fires have begun. ' The fires tonight are in Kinkuna , Buxton & Woodgate.
Up on top of the Hummock tonight was a 360 degree view of a smokey horizon. '
The 'Hummock provides a great vantage point for hundreds of kilometers.
As the pillars of smoke fueled into explosive fire we just gazed in awe. So many, many kilometers of raging destruction, but the fire has a beauty & power that none can compare, it's energy so pure & consuming,

Opening of the Hummock 1931