Fractured Tales- Sea Witches Tossed Shells

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Janis & Sam
February 12th 2020, 1:30am
Updated February 12th 2020, 1:37pm

Norse Seeress Divination Tool

Fractured Tales-  Sea Witches Tossed Shells

The shells that have weathered the sands, waters, sun & storms of time & still have a thousand stories to tell.
Not perfect some may say, not so, they are beautiful to us Norse Sea Witches.
Created by the energies of the ocean, gone are their inner earthy bodies, but dwelling within is their spirit.
We find these beauties after we say an old Ancestors incantation, which basically means  "Ancient Lands speak to me & tell me of your story". Our Norse ancestors have visited Australia 100's of years ago.
Norse/Viking/Seeress folkloric uses of these shells include divination by tossing three of them & use as people do in the  "knucklebone" game.  The three represent the three weavers of fate, the Norns, who are Urd(weaver of the past),  Verdandi(weaver of the present) & Skuld(weaver of the future). Depending where they land on the sand or divination cloth (soon to be available) will give your reading.

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