The Fundamentals Of Magickal Workings

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Janis & Sam Allen
March 10th 2018, 11:32pm
Updated November 12th 2019, 3:18pm

The Fundamentals Of Magickal Workings,  an introduction for beginners or back to basics  for advanced. 

There are thirteen parts to this course. The first being 'Understanding The Energies Of Positive And Negative', the things that we can not see. 
All lesson's duration is one hour  and will be commencing this class in a woodland park, Hervey Bay, Queensland. Other areas are available as we travel.  Distance consultations by phone also available, please contact for availability.

Contacting Our Ancestors

Learn How To Read The Signs In The Clouds

Full Moon Gatherings

Herbal Use In Mystic Practises

Learning How To Gather Herbs
Naturally sourced woods for your magickal workings. We collect our supplies from responsibly & correctly chosen areas & leave offerings before we take any woods, resins, flowers etc.

Keeping A Herb Journal

What Is Your Animal Totem?

Understanding Our Dreams
Creating A Book Of Magickal Workings

Guidance  In Divination 

Past Lives Finding Our Roots

Cleansing A Space Smudging

Understanding the smoke patterns & directions,

Mirror Magic

The Five Elements

Which Path To Take

Old Norse Celebrations

The World Of The Fae (Faeries)

Our Connection With Trees

Shape Shifting

Water And Our Emotions

Voices And Melodies Of The Other Realms

Understanding The Energies Of Positive And Negative'