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Janis & Sam Allen
August 27th 2017, 10:26pm
Updated August 29th 2017, 10:00pm

Information we are revising from old books back in the mid 1800's

As time permits we will be publishing this book on this page in full.
As you the reader could understand with very old books there are alot of revising to go through, changing some of the English to more readable words, such as 'show' rather than 'shew'. A 'deuce' is a two' a 'knave' is a knight, a 'tray' is the number three.
Please Note :- we make the information available for historic purpose only & we do not necessarily agree on everything or advise anyone to practise these things.

Divination by ordinary playing Cards.
In the first place, take a pack of Cards and shuffle them well three
times over, and make your significator which queen you please (if a lady
perform the operation for herself, or a king if a gentleman) ; then proceed
to lay them on a table, nine in a row, and wherever you find yourself
placed, count nine cards every way, not forgetting your said significator,
and then you will see what cards your significator comes in company with,
and whatever it is, so it will happen to you.
If two red tens come against your said significator, it is a sign of mar-
riage or prosperitjy. The ace of diamonds is a ring, the ace of hearts is
your house, the ace of clubs is a letter, the ace of spades is death, or
some grievous affliction, Spite, or quarrelling, (for that is the worst card in
the pack). The ten of diamonds is a journey, the tray of hearts is a
salute, the tray of spades is tears, the ten of spades is sickness, the
nine of spades is a sad disappointment or trouble, the nine of clubs
shows a jovial entertainment or revelling ; the nine of hearts feasting,
the ten of club's travelling by water, the ten of hearts some place
of amusement, the  five of hearts a present, the five of clubs a bundle, the
six of spades a child, the seven of spades a removal, the tray of clubs
fighting, the eight of clubs confusion, the eight, of spades a roadway, the
four of clubs a strange bed, the nine of diamonds business, the five of
diamonds a settlement, the five of spades a surprise, the two red eights
new clothes, the tray of diamonds speaking with a friend, the four of spades
a sick bed, the seven of clubs a prison, the deuce of spades a false friend,
the four of hearts a marriage bed. When several diamonds come toge-
ther, it is a sign that you will soon receive some money, several hearts
love, several clubs drink and noise, troublesome company, and several
spades trouble and vexation.
 If a married lady doth lay the cards, she must then make her husband
the king of the same suit the queen is  of; but if a single lady doth make
use of this science, she must make her lover what king she may think
proper; the knave of the same suit are the men's thoughts, so that they
may know what they are thinking of, by counting nine cards from where
they are placed, and if any "Lady should wish to know whether she shall
obtain her desires in any particular subject, matter, or thing whatsoever,
let her shuffle the cards well, most seriously and earnestly wishing all the
time for one thing, she must then cut them once, particularly observing
at the same time what card that is which she cuts, shuffle them again,
and then lay them out in three parcels, which being done, look carefully
over every parcel, and if that particular card which you have just cut doth
come next yourself, or next the ace of hearts, you will have your wish,
Suit if the nine of spades is next to you, you must then judge to the con-
trary, for that is a disappointment ; however, you may try three times,
taking the majority of testimonies for a ground whereon to place your

Page Two
Ace of Clubs, promises great wealth.
King, announces a man who is humane, upright, affec-
tionate, and faithful.
Queen, shews a loving person.
Knave shews a generous friend.
Nine, shews that you will displease a friend.
Ten denotes great riches from an unexpected quarter;
but it also threatens that you will lose a dear friend.
Eight, shews the person is covetous.
Seven, promises the most brilliant fortune.
Six, shews that you will engage in a very lucrative part-
nership, and your children will behave well.
Five, declares that you will shortly be married to some
person who will mend your circumstances.
Four shews inconstancy For the sake of money,
Tray, shews that you will be three times married, and
each time to a wealthy person.
Deuce, shews that there will be some unfortunate oppo-
sition to our favourite inclination.
Ace of Diamonds, shews a person who is fond of rural
sports, and a great builder.
King, shews a fiery temper.
Queen, signifies that a woman will rot be industrious.
Knave, however nearly related, will look more after his
own interest than yours.
Ten, promises a country husband or wife, with great
wealth and many children.
Nine, declares that the person will be of a roving disposition
tight, that the person runs the risk of dying unmarried.
Seven, shows that you will spend your happiest days in the
Six, shews an early marriage and widowhood.
Five shews you a well -assorted marriage.
Four, shews the inconstancy of the person you will be
married to.
Tray, shews that you will be engaged in law-suits and
domestic disagreements.
Deuce, shews that your heart will be engaged early.
Ace of Hearts, signifies merry-making and good humour.
King, shews a man of fair complexion, good disposition,
but inclined to passion.
Queen, shews a woman of a very fair complexion, and &
great beauty.

Page Three

Knave, is your dearest friend, though probably not accord-
ing to your fancy, as he will be industrious to prevent your
Ten, shews good nature and many children, it corrects the
bad tidings of the other cards.
Nine, promises great wealth and high esteem, if the cards
are not unfavourable that stand near it.
Eight, points out a strong inclination to get intoxicated.
Seven, shews the person to be of a fickle disposition, and
addicted to roaming.
Six, shews a generous disposition.
Five, shews a wavering disposition.
Four, the person will not be married early.
Tray, will experience much ill-will of others.
Deuce, shews that success will attend the person.
Ace of Spades, totally relates to the affairs of love, with-
out specifying whether lawful or unlawful.
King, shews a man who is ambitious, and certainly suc-
cessful at court, or with some great man.
Queen, shews a person will be corrupted by the great of
both sexes.
Knave, shews a person who although he has your welfare
at heart, will be indolent of it.
Ten, is a card of bad import, it will in a great measure
counteract the good of the others,
Nine, is the worst card in the whole pack, it portends
dangerous sickness and loss of fortune.
Eight shews that you will experience strong opposition
from your friends in love.
Seven, shews the loss of a most valuable friend.
Six, announces the mediocrity of fortune, and a great
uncertainty in your undertakings.
Five, will give very little interruption to your success ; it
promises good luck in a wife.
Four, shews speedy sickness, and that your friends will
injure your fortune.
Tray, shews that you will be unfortunate in
Duece always signifies a coffin.

Page Four:- Palmistry
The palms of the hands contain a great variety of lines running in
different direction, every one of which hears a certain relation to the
events of a person's life ; and from them, with the most infallible certainty,
can be told every circumstance that will happen to anyone, by observing
them properly. ' It is, therefore, recommended to pay particular attention
to this subject, as by that means you will undoubtedly gain very excel-
lent knowledge for your pains.
First is given the names of the several lines as they hold their places,
and then to particularise their qualities.
There are five principal lines in tho hand, visual:— The Line of Life.
The Line of Death. The Table Line. The Girdle of Venus. The Line
of Fortune. Besides these there are other Lines, as the Line of Saturn,
the Lever Line, and some others, but these only serve to explain the
principal Lines.
The chief Line on which persons of the profession lay the greatest stress
is the Line of Life, which generally takes its rise where the thumb joint
plays with the wrist on the inside, and runs in an oblique direction to
the inside of the innermost joint of the fore-finger.
The next is the Line of Death, which separates the fleshy part of the
hand on the little finger side from the hollow of the hand, running in
various directions in different people.
The Table Line originates with the Line of Life at the wrist, and runs
through the hollow of the hand towards the middle finger.
The girdle of Venus take its course from the extremity of the inner-
most joint of the little finger and forming a curve, terminates between the
fore and middle fingers.
The Line of Fortune strikes from behind the ball, or mount of the
forefinger, across the palm and Line of Life, and loses itself m or near
the fleshy part of the hand, on the little finger side.
If the Line of Life is crossed by other lines at or near the wrist, the
person will meet with sickness in the beginning of life, and the sickness
will be proportioned to the size, length, and breadth of the intervening
lines. If the Line of Life runs far and uninterrupted, the person will
enjoy good health ; and, according to its length towards the outside of the
fore finger, you may judge if the person will live long, as longer the line
the longer the life.
If the Line of Life is short, and runs even, without being broken or
divided, it shows that the person will enjoy good length of days, and not
subject to many maladies, but if it is interrupted, it shows that the person s
life will be endangered by sickness. If this line ends abruptly and with
a broad point, it shows that the person will die suddenly; if it goes off m
a tapering point, the last sickness will be slow, and consuming by degree.
If other lines run across it, the person will be of a weakly and infirm habit
of body, often incapable of following any hard or laborious business.

Page Five 
The Line of Fortune, by its approach to the Girdle of Venus, shew
that there is a strong kindred between them, and their distance, at their
two extremities, clearly points out that love is inconsistent with childhood
and old age ; yet. in those where the cross lines approach from one to the
other near the ends, prove that the person were or will be, susceptible
of love in childhood or old age. For example, if the cross lines are at the
beginning of the Girdle of Venus, and bear towards the tail of the Line
of Fortune, it evidently indicates that the person was susceptible of love
at an earlier period than usual ; if these lines of communication are crossed
by other small lines the person has been disappointed in his wishes, or
severely punished for gratifying them; if plain and straight, he has been
successful ; if the lines rise from the tail of the Girdle towards the head of
the Line of Fortune, the person will be loving in his old age ; and ac-
cording to the traverse lines, will be successful or unfortunate in his
affairs, if the Line of Fortune runs smooth, broad and clear, the person
will enjoy affluence through lite, and be very prosperous in all his under-

Directions To Choose A Husband By The Colour Of His Hair
Black.— Stout and healthy, but apt to be cross and surly; if very
black and smooth, and a large quantity, will be foud out where he fixes
his attachment, not addicted to jilting, make a good husband and take
care of his family ; but if short and curly, be of an unsettled temper,
given to drinking, somewhat quarrelsome, will shew much fondness at
first paying his addresses, but be unsteady and forgetful afterwards.
White or Fair— Will be of a weak constitution, rather stupid, very
fond of music will cut no great figure in the world, very moderate in his
wishes, but will be the father of a large family.
Yellow. — Inclinable to jealousy.
Light Brown— Neither very good nor very bad, middling in all
respects, rather fond of the female sex, but upon the whole a good
Dark Brown.— Sensible and good humoured, careful and attentive to
business, generally makes a good husband.
Very Dark Brown.— a robust constitution, and of a grave dispo-
sition, but good tempered and sensible, very fond of his wife, though he
may chance now and then to be careless.
Red,— Will be artful, cunning and deceitful, and make love to any
woman he may come across ; loves his wife so well, that she will scarcely
have any clothing to her back ; but is generally of a lively temper.

Charms & Ceremonies
To See a Future Husband. — On Midsummer eve, just at sunset,
three, five, or seven young women are to go into a garden, in which there
is no other person, and each gather a sprig of red sage, and then going
into a room by themselves, set a stool in the middle of the room, and on it
a clean basin full of water, in which the sprigs of sage are put, and tying
a line across the room, on one side of the stool, each woman is to hang on
it a clean apron turned the wrong side outwards, then all are to sit down in
a row, on the opposite side of the stool, as far distant as the room will admit
not speaking the whole time, whatever they see, and in a few minutes
after twelve each one's future husband will take her sprig out of the rose
water and sprinkle her with it.
Another Way to See a Spouse in a Dream The party inquiring
Must be in a different county from that in which she commonly resides,
and on going to bed must knit the left garter about the right leg stocking
letting the other garter and stocking alone ; and as you rehearse the fol-
lowing verses, at every comma knit a knot : —
This knot I knit, to know the thing I know not yet,
That I may see, the man that shall my husband be,
How he goes, and what he wears,
And what he does all days and years.
Accordingly in a dream, he will appear with the insignia of his trade and
To know if your present Sweetheart will marry yon. — Let any un-
married woman take the blade bone of a shoulder of lamb, and borrowing
a pen knife (but be sure not to mention for what purpose) on going to bed
stick the knife once through the bone every night, for nine nights in
different places, repeating every night, while sticking the knife, these
words : —
'Tis not this bone I mean to stick,
But my lover's heart I mean to prick,
Wishing him neither rest or sleep,
Till he comes to speak.
Accordingly at the end of the nine days, or shortly after, he will ask for
something to put to a wound he will have met with during the time you
were charming him.
To know whether a Woman will hove the Man she wishes. — Get two
lemon peels, wear them all day, one in each pocket ; at night rub the four
posts of the bedstead with them. If she is to succeed the person will
appear to her whilst asleep, and present her with a couple of lemons ; if
not, there is no hope.

A mole in the middle of the forehead, if black, shows a person guilty of many criminal things
through luxury. If it be a honey colour, it is better ; if red still better. If it rises like a wart, it is
rather good than bad. In a woman it shows her to be of a petulant temper; if black she is impudent
and vile.
When a mole appears on the upper part of the right temple, above the eye, near the hair, it shows
a man shall have a hearty and very long life, and enjoy the goods of fortune. If honey colour, or red,
be is studious — if black, it lessens the good things — if it appear as a wart the good is augmented. To
a woman it signifies a good and happy fortune by marriage — if it appears black she will bury her first
A mole on the right side of the forehead or right temple signifies that the person will arrive to
and den wealth and honour.
A mole on the right eyebrow announces speedy marriage, the husband to possess many good
Qualities and a large fortune.
A mole discernable under the left eye, near the nose, is of the same nature as the preceding.
A mole under the hollow of the right eye, by the inward part of the nose, shows a man to be of a
choleric, hasty, proud, and furious spirit. It shows a woman to be proud and puffed up with conceit,
with heated strife and mischief to her own destruction.
A mole on either eye denotes the person to be of a sober, steady and serious disposition*
A mole on either cheek signifies that the person will never rise above mediocity in point of
A mole on the nose shows that the person will have good success to his or her undertakings.
A mole on the right side of the upper lip, about a finger's breadth above the mouth, signifies to a
man or woman a good fortune and happy marriage ; they will be healthy, careful for the thing: in
this life, and live happy
A mole on either lip proves the person to be fond of delicate things, and much given 
love in which he or she will most commonly be successful.
A mole on the chin indicates that the person will be attended with great prosperity, and be highly
A person having a mole on the right side of the chin, denotes good understanding 
and will realise a good fortune. It likewise implies a happy marriage and long life.
A mole on the side ef the neck shows that the person will narrowly escape suffocation, but will
afterwards rise to great consideration by an unexpected legacy or inheritance.
A mole on the throat denotes that the person shall become rich by marriage.
A mole on the right shoulder predicts a man to be happy, and fortunate in all his affairs and enter-
prises. A woman having this mole will be diligent, and help to preserve her husband's estate.
A mole on the left shoulder denotes strength, vigour, and an undaunted courage.
A mole on either arm declares resolution and victory in battle.
A mole on the right breast declares the person to be exposed to a sudden reverse of  fortune by un-
avoidable accidents. 
A mole on the left breast over the heart signifies success in undertakings and an disposition
A mole on the bosom portends mediocity of health and fortune.
A mole on the back declares a contentious and ungovernable spirit.
A mole on either elbow denotes restlessness, a roving and unsteady temper; also a disjointedness
with those which they are obliged to live with.
A mole under the left breast foreshows that a man will be of a warm disposition, unsettled in mind,
fond of rambling and light in his conduct. In a lady it shows sincerity in love,
A mole on the belly shows the person to be addicted to sloth and gluttony, and not very choice in
point of dress.
A mole on either hip shows that the person will have many children, and that they will be very
healthy and possess much patience.
A mole on any part from the shoulders to the loins, is indicative of imperceptible decline and decay
whether of health or fortune.
A mole on the right thigh is an indication of riches, and much happiness in the marriage state.
A mole on the left thigh denotes poverty and want of friends through the enmity and injustice of
A mole on the right knee shows the person will be fortunate in the choice of a partner for life, and
meet a few of the troubles and misfortunes of this world.
A mole on the left knee portends that the person will be rash, inconsiderate, and hasty, but modest
when in cool blood.
A mole on either leg shows that the person is indolent, thoughtless, and indifferent as to whatever
may happen,
A mole on either ankle denotes a man to be inclined to efiamaoy and elegance of dress. A lady, to
be courageous, active, and industrious, and a trifle of the termagant.
A mole on either foot forbodes sudden illness or unexpected misfortune, and is in general most