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Jänis & Sampe Allen
June 29th 2017, 8:23am
Updated July 4th 2017, 4:17pm

Most readers use tea leaves, but we prefer to use a more ancient way, by coffee grounds, the images are more clear.

The practice of reading the tea-leaves doubtless descends from the somewhat similar form of divination that was practised by the Greeks" by which fortune in love was discovered by the particular splash made by wine thrown out of a cup into a metal basin. A few spae-wives ( seer, fortune teller, witch etc.) still practise this method by throwing out the tea-leaves into the saucer, but the reading of the symbols as they are originally formed in the cup is undoubtedly the better method.

Our Coffee Cup Readings show amazing insight in our clients lives.
This particular reading showed the Fertility God & other figures including the female client at the bottom in the reading. This shows a very prosperous time for many aspects in the clients life.

This particular cup reading
Every Coffee Cup Reading we do, we take photos for the client as well as their Tarot reading. This is great for confirmation & insight. We have many, many photos from all of our clients readings & hope to have them all posted on our website when time permits.