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Janis & Sampe Allen
August 1st 2016, 7:57pm
Updated October 4th 2019, 10:52pm

Overnight Camp Cruise Park, Qld
A lovely little spot, just a couple of kilometres from Woodford showgrounds in Queensland.
This image was taken from our gypsy wagon - vardo verandah, just captured the porch brackets. Stunning view from the base of the beautiful rolling mountain range in the distance.

Here we are all set up for the night's camp.

Not too many campers tonight.

Memorial for the pioneers in the area, across the road was their home
In 1841 the Archer brothers established Durundur station along the Stanley River, near where Woodford now stands. After the lease of Durundur expired in October 1878, some land was thrown open for selection. Mr W. Yates was the first to take possession of his selected portion of the country and he built a hotel near a ford across the river. The hotel, and the town which developed around it, became known, unofficially, as Yatesville.

The town was positioned on a hill closer to the Stanley River than the present day town. When the introduction of a regular mail service required the town to have an official name a meeting was called and 'McConnel' was decided on in honour of the senior partner of Durundur Station ‑ but the Postmaster General would not accept that name. Therefore, another meeting was called and those present called it ‘Woodford' in honour of the junior partner, Mr H.C. Wood, and in recognition of the importance to the community of the ford across the river.

Timber cutting was the town's first primary industry, followed by dairying. A co-operative dairy factory opened in the town in 1904. Most of the timber sourced from the area is sent to a saw mill in Caboolture.

Woodford is the terminus for the disused Kilcoy railway line, which reached Woodford in 1909 and extended from Caboolture to Kilcoy. Between Caboolture (where it branches from the North Coast railway line) and Wamuran, the tracks and corridor are mostly still in place. Beyond Wamuran, the railway was removed after its closure in the mid 1960s, and much of the land has been sold.

Ah, there is even a Spirit Board, which by the way does work it moved twice on it's own!!